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CIS 1068 (formerly CIS 67): Program Design and Abstraction

Instructor: Alexander Yates

TA (Section 002): Liang Lan

TA (Section 004): Vladimir Coric

Course Description: Introduction to problem solving and programming in Java, software engineering, procedural and data abstraction, and object-oriented programming, including class hierarchies, inheritance and interfaces. Data types covered include primitive data types, strings, classes, arrays, vectors, and streams. Programming techniques include at least one technique for searching and sorting an array and an introduction to file processing.


  • 12/7: Your final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 15, from 3:30-5:30pm, in room TL 105.

  • 8/27: A self-evaluation test is now available on the Blackboard site for this course.
    Please take an hour to answer the questions as best you can, and return it to me (either by email or hard copy) by class on Wednesday. Your grade on this test will NOT affect your grade in this course. This is purely to help you decide whether you are ready for this course.

  • 8/27: Instructions for installing Java on your home Windows computer are available here.
    Several people have asked me why Windows complains that the "javac" command cannot be found on your home computer. Most likely, it is because Java is not installed on your machine; or else, if it is installed, it is not on your System "Path". Follow the link to find instructions to fix this. Note that all the Lab machines in Wachman already have Java installed.

  • 8/27: Welcome to CIS 1068!